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Customers about AER

Some of our customers have been experiencing AER products for decades.

Mr. Werner Schäl summarized his satisfaction in a forum post:

I am using the AER BD3 by Filip Keller for 4 years now. I’ve never used a speaker for such a long period of time. The reason is simple: I am always pleased to listen to these speakers. My electronic gear changes quite often for my system is improving by the time. The loudspeakers are able to reproduce anything that is fed to them. At the beginning I had some problems with “crisp” highs, but this was was definitely caused by wrong electronics and cables for the use of these loudspeakers.
I’ve been compulsively into this hobby for 30 years now. Of course, I will never be able to enjoy all the products available, but almost everything I’ve heard yet (at high-end trade fairs, in private, at showrooms) I estimated far worse compared to my listening experience at home. And there, the Keller-drivers have the hugest part in it.

Of course this is not yet perfect, but expanding and testing makes the whole hobby so interesting to me. Also, I’ve already heard a Visaton B200 in different cases, but I think it didn’t sound as fresh and open and clean in the heights as the BD3 chassis.

When hifi-driven people listen to these speakers, so far everyone has been enthusiastic about them. Of course, they are expensive, but as a reward one finds a lot of work, a lot of development work and experience in the chassis. If I calculate what I might have spent on speakers in the last few years, my choice was reasonably priced after all.”


We would like to thank Mr. Werner Schäl for his kind contribution.

Goldys first performance

AER presented the world’s first transparent loudspeaker without cabinet at the High End Suisse 2016 in the Mövenpick Hotel, located in Zürich Regensdorf:

The Goldy

With its driver technology and design, the Goldy delivers a whole new loudspeaker dimension!

Our new AER bbx exciter provides musical vibration to the Goldy. Bass is transmitted via the 40 x 120cm panel that vibrates during operation. The tweeter is integrated at the front of the Exciter.

Goldy plays a clear and concise sound on a large stage. The image in the high-frequency range is detailed and transparent and the mid-range sound is spatial and precise. The visitors response was very positive. Comments like “Best Product”, “Innovation” or “Most puristic speakers in the whole world” did flatter the designers and justified all efforts beeing made.

Kurt Hecker from the High End Society and his wife were fascinated by the visual appearance and the accoustic possibilities of the bbx system, which has been demonstrated on windows, tables and other oscillating surfaces available in the room.

Many thanks to the High End trade fair organization, to our visitors and everybody else who made our showcase possible!

AER Goldy, bbx exciter on transparent acryl swinging surface 40 x 120 x 36cm, 120W, 8Ohm (incl. DAP, option: digital room correction)

>More bbx infos

Real Music Audio Events in Stuttgart

Experience our free Real Music Audio Events in Stuttgart:

Wednesday | 26.10.2016
Friday | 28.10.2016

Vinothek VinoMania,
centrally located at Marienplatz Stuttgart, all starting at 7 PM.


We will present these AER novelties:

  • Floor-standing speaker Jazz with BD1B-driver and subwoofer Subway
  • Reference-speaker Axjet with Afterburner and latest generation BD3B-driver
  • Room controlling audio processor AER DAP1, reading from audio CD and playing on
  • Arte Forma Julietta Single ended High End tube amplifiers from Taiwan

Music will be exclusively played from audio CDs. Please feel free to bring your CDs to listen to.

Register here for free

Aer@hifideluxe Preview

Visit us at the hifideluxe 2016 fair in Munich from 5.-7.May 2016

and experience the unique Real Music Audio speaker
> hifideluxe website


Highlights on the hifideluxe

  • Undisturbed listening experience in our presentation room
  • Interesting trade fair discounts for visitors!
  • Write a product review and participate in our contest
  • Interesting conversations with our developers and partners
  • Shuttle bus transfer taking you to and from the HighEnd fair

Our AER products
at the hifideluxe 2016



Horn loudspeaker with BD broadband driver and acrylic excenter horn



Activ subwoofer in a closed housing with 38 cm woofer



Resonant panel loudspeaker with BBX system



Reference Horn loudspeaker with new BD4 broadband driver



Large acrylic excenter horn with BD 4



Component for optimizing the HiFi system with room correction on studio level