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Reference Horn

Gigantic dynamics

A newly developed horn concept from AX Horn Loudspeakers, a high-performance driver from AER, both of which have over 30 years of research  invested in them…a match made heaven!

Stunning dynamics and neutral playback give music an extremely realistic sound image. These speakers manage to resolve the slightest and most delicate sonic details. Precise fine detail is not lost even at maximum volume … These are the features that set the AXJET AER apart.

Uncritical positioning and flexibility of movement on its castors make this speaker adaptable to almost any environment, turning every living room into a concert hall, creating a hugely impressive natural sound.

  • Reference speaker with linear frequency response.
  • Equipped with AER full-range BD2B High performance Chassis.
  • Extremely high efficiency: 102dB/W/m
  • Ideally suited for use with single-ended amps
  • Aerospace supergloss ceramic paint in all RAL colors
  • Weather-resistant coating is suitable for outdoor use
  • Free set-up and calibration on site (Europe)
  • 10 year warranty on speakers and chassis with opt. upgrade service
  • For a perfect real music experience, we recommend the Arte Forma Electronics Single Ended valve amps
  • Optional service: for 10 years we will automatically upgrade your high-performance BD2B chassis with each further development
  • Prices & Dates for the preparation and calibration of the speaker system outside Europe on request
  • Available in any RAL colour

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Prices in Europe (plus EU-VAT) in Euro + shipping
Prices outside Europe (no EU-VAT) in Euro + shipping


Scope of supply:

  • 2 x AXJET AER Loudspeakers in any NB colour
  • 2 x 5m Atlas Hyper2 cables with 4mm solderless Z-plugs
  • 2 x 10m Klotz 4mm cables with Neutrik Speakon plugs (outdoor use).
  • Manual, Certificate, Warranty Certificate
  • Supplied in full flight-cases and water resistant jackets


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The Concept

When AER builds a reference system, top priority is given to exceptionally good sound properties and realistic music reproduction. Only the best we know is worth considering: an innovative horn, an advanced full-range chassis and extremely powerful processor control.


The AXJET front and back loaded horn from AX Horn Loudspeakers’ horn specialist, Fred Davies, is a unique speaker design. The dynamics of this horn are captivating and emotional. Directness and definition are outstanding; the reproduction is neutral and never changes its authenticity. For us, it is one of the world’s best horn systems.


The new BD4 full-range, high-performance chassis is also characterized by an unprecedented efficiency. The outstanding sound properties AER chassis are known for were again significantly enhanced. Driver and horn were perfectly synchronized in collaboration with Fred Davis.


An integral part of the AXJET AER Digital system is the digital control of the loudspeakers originating from studio technology and offering enormous advantages. Using the high-performance AER DAP1 audio processor, the realization of a linear frequency response is not the only result achieved. It also compensates undesired spatial effects, there by creating an uncritical and versatile system. The AXJET enclosure consists of composite material. Paintwork originating from airplane technology makes it suitable for outdoor use. Thanks to the chrome ball castors with rubber tyres, it is mobile and easily movable despite its size and weight. The stainless steel backplate is equipped with gold-plated tellurium copper Vitavox 4mm socket, binding posts plus weather-proof Neutrik Speakon sockets that are perfectly suited for open air use.

The Requirements

The AXJET AER Digital loudspeaker system does not require special electronics and surroundings. It is precisely the opposite: Thanks to its sophisticated technology, it shows absolutely no problematic behaviour towards amplifiers and is undemanding when it


The AXJET can be operated with any good transistor or tube amplifier. Due to the high impedance, it allows for particularly trouble-free handling of power amplifiers. However, due to the high energy efficiency and sensitivity of the loudspeaker system, the quality differences between amplifiers and other electronics are clearly perceptible.


Due to its very high efficiency, the AXJET can easily cope with low amplifier power. Thus, it is perfectly suited for fans of single-ended triode amplifiers that often have an output of 3 watt only. However, high-power hybrid or transistor amplifiers can be used just as well.


Neither are the surroundings very critical, since the Digital Room Correction makes the system extremely adaptable. The installation positioning is less exacting due to the punctual sound emission and the audio processor compensating for room modes and reflections. The system always maintains its stable, true-to-life spatial audio reproduction.


The system is flexible and able to blend into any (including acoustically difficult) surroundings. Since we will calibrate the system on-site, special knowledge on the part of the user is not required.


AXJET AER Digital loudspeaker system. Consisting of the following:

2 x AXJET loudspeakers in any RAL colour incorporating AER BD4 High Performance Chassis,  shipped in full flight-cases with weather resistant jackets, along with indoor and outdoor cables.

1 x AER DAP1 Audio Processor

2 x 5m cables with banana plugs (lbs)

2 x 10m cable with Neutrik Speakon connectors (external)

Manual | Certificate | Warranty Certificate

Installation and calibration of the system in Europe

On AER DRC Audio processor two presets for different setups are available, between which you can choose by remote control. With the DRC, an absolutely flat frequency response are made, or find at the request of personal listening taste into account and even the perfect replica of a hearing aid correction is possible.

Technical Data
  • AXJET backloaded horn with frontloaded MX Afterburner
  • Equipped with AER fullrange BD4 high performance Driver
  • AER DAP1 Digital Audio Processor
  • Power: 100 W / 300 W
  • SPL: 108 dB / W / m
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm
  • Frequency response 45 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Connectors: Neutrik Speakon + binding posts
  • Dimensions: H 132 cm | B 93 cm | T 71 cm
  • 65 kg
  • Shepherd rubber tyred chrome ball castors
  • Housing made of composite materials with high resistance Aerospace supergloss ceramic paint in all available RAL colors.