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After much research and development, the AER BBX technology – a HiFi speaker system emerged, which offers brand new and unique ways. Because, for the first time no large, space-intensive multi-component loudspeaker are necessary for an excellent audio reproduction of music in its full bandwidth.


The BBX drive unit, an acrylic cube of just five cm edge length, and its control with the BBX audio processor, every vibratory surface can become a speaker with a large frequency range and very excellent sound quality.


The drive unit itself consists of a sound exciter with integrated tweeter. The wide frequency response of the system is its performance: the bass range is limited only by the size and nature of the vibrating surface; the high-frequency range can transmit frequencies up to 30,000 Hz.

The BBX audio processor corrects the frequency response of the resonant surfaces used, and a very balanced frequency response can be realized. With it disturbing room modes and resonances are eliminated and the personal listening preferences can be taken into account.


The system operates as a pure point source and no support with subwoofers is necessary. No phase error can develop and destructive interference is virtually impossible. This leads to an incomparable homogeneity and dimensionality of the image of music, it creates an almost three-dimensional sound. The perceived positioning of voices and instruments is no longer limited; the quality of the acoustic space impression is independent of the listening position.


The minimalist dimensions and the low weight of the power unit, and their adaptability through the audio processor, make the BBX system extremely flexible. With this, the smallest possible speaker systems with great sound quality can be produced, which hardly occur in optical appearance and can be optimally integrated into the living room.

BBX Technology

In the BBX-drive unit two different loudspeaker technologies have been combined in a driver. A tweeter with aluminum diaphragm transfers, similar to a cup system, forwards the frequency range from 2.500 Hz. Its transmission range is up to 20,000 Hz linearly with decreasing curve it can reproduce frequencies up to 30,000 Hz. The sound agent takes over frequencies below 2,500 Hz and transfers them to the vibrating surface. It can transmit frequencies from well below 20 Hz, so that the low-frequency portion of the playback will be limited only by the size and nature of the induced vibrating surface.


The drive units are controlled by the specially developed BBX audio processor that corrects the frequency response of vibrated objects in real time. With it, a linear frequency range can be realized, disturbing room modes and resonances are eliminated and there is even a perfect replica of a hearing aid correction possible.


Another feature of the BBX system is that the drive unit works in conjunction with the vibrating surface as a pure point source, when no longer the support with subwoofers is necessary. No differences in the group delays of several drivers arise and also any other mistakes that multi-way systems have are excluded.


With only 255 grams, the weight of the BBX driver is so low that they can be easily glued to ceiling constructions and wall panels. Due to their small size and the lucid acrylic glass body, they are perfectly disguised.

BBX Loud Speaker Technology

For a most pretentious playing music large speakers are usually necessary and they must then often be placed at a greater distance from the walls, needing a lot of space. Mostly this involves voluminous multi-way-speakers or satellite / subwoofer systems that need more chassis and audio crossovers.

For the first time it is possible, with the BBX system to build high-quality speakers that do not need a big case for bulky and deep bass sounds. There is only an area with very low depth necessary that can stand directly by a wall, or can be attached to it.


We have developed a prototype system using the BBX, with its framed swing surface made of acrylic glass is just two centimeters deep. The first speaker with the BBX technology has a surface of fifty centimeters in square. It is inserted into a socket, detached with a frequency response of 38 Hz to 22,000 Hz.


The monitor can also be attached to the wall, thus increasing its depth cut-off frequency further downward. It can be color-matched to the wall so that it is hardly seen. The BBX system can realize 5.1 or 7.1 home theater systems, they need virtually no space, have extreme depth and thereby offer the highest sound quality. Thus home theater systems can be created with great sound quality even in very small spaces.

BBX Audio Technology

In sound technology, the BBX system enters with sound production detail in living and conference rooms, offices, hotel rooms or doctors’ offices, as never previously thought possible in this form and quality. Due to the low level (H 50 x W 50 x D 35 mm) and minimum weight (255 g) of the drive unit, as well as the adaptability of the audio processor, this system is ideally suited for use in audio technology systems.


The BBX-drive units are visually hardly noticeable and can be installed with little effort. A small rectangular notch is enough for flush mounting, but even that is no longer necessary, due to their light weight they can easily be glued to any surface. For a sophisticated bass sound no large, heavy and space-intensive woofer is necessary. Even with suspended ceilings, stud walls and wooden paneling of very little depth and lifting capacity, it produces a clear strong sound.


Tests have shown that the function of BBX drive units work on virtually any vibratory surface. This includes windows, glass and acrylic glass, car windscreen and rear windows, metal plates, plastic plates, stone plates, wood panels, furniture, roof ceiling structure, ceiling, walls, and plasterboard and stud walls of buildings.


On a trial basis, for example, the drive units of the BBX system have been installed on windscreen and rear windows of vehicles. These first attempts of using the system in cars had quite outstanding results. It proved that with the BBX drive units as big as a small tweeter, a so deep and powerful bass reproduction was achieved, how it otherwise can only be achieved by large and bulky subwoofers.

Our first bbx loudspeaker is the  Goldy

BBX Data

Frequency response: The lower frequency limit is limited only by the size of the animated vibrating surface – 30,000 Hz.


Examples of the lower cut-off frequencies in different areas:

Acrylic 50 x 50 cm42 Hz (+-0dB) | 38 Hz (-6dB)Without Subsonic-Filter
Acrylic 70 x 70 cm40 Hz (+-0dB) | 30 Hz (-6dB)Without Subsonic-Filter
Plasterboard ceiling 50 qm33 Hz (+-0dB) | 27 Hz (-6dB)Without Subsonic-Filter
Window Glass 2 x 5,3 qm28 Hz (+-0dB) | 25 Hz (-6dB)Without -Filter 27 Hz


DimensionsH 50 mm x W 50 mm x D 35 mm
Weight255 grams
Belastbarkeit50/120 watts RMS
Efficiency91,5 dB
Impedance4 Ohm


BBX Audioprocessor


Digital Signal Processor Engine28/56 bit Digital Signal Processor Engine / Double precision processing
Host Processor48 MHz Microcontroller
Sample rate48 kHz
ADC/DAC Data resolution24 bits
Input2 x Cinch
Output2 x Cinch
DimensionenH 6 cm x B 14 cm x T 19 cm