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hifideluxe 2018 show

We have returned from the hifideluxe show in Munich. It was a blast! From left to center: Excenter with BD4, Jazz, bbx on the WINDOW (!), transparent Lucy with bbx, Subway Subwoofer. Thanks to our visitors, Hifideluxe Team, Arcadian Audio, Josound and Opera Audio for the great support!


Review  Fidelity online:


Teaser from AV Showrooms:

bbx customer review

I have since 2014 been experimenting with the new BBX driver, and now think it’s time to share some observations.

In order to put the comments in context, my previous speaker was an open baffle design based on the excellent AER MkI driver with a Seas base element to handle anything below 80Hz. 2 separate 47Labs Gaincards was used to bi-amp.

So, on to how the BBX stands up to this:

  • Detail and instrument separation is outstanding, actually the best I have ever heard.
  • The ability to handle complexity, both rock and symphony is excellent. The previous systems strong point was smaller ensembles
  • Live recordings are particularly interesting. It really is very good at recreating “the room”
  • Imaging is slightly less sharp then with the AER MkI system, but given the size of the BBX, a trade off I do willingly.
  • No need for any Sub, I have the LF set to 18Hz, and I am using a curve where 1000Hz is the zero level, then +2dB up to 20Hz and -6dB to 20kHz.
  • The speed of the bass in unlike anything I have heard before (of course apart from live music)


My system consists of

  • MacBook Pro w Audirvana and Tidal. Room correction made with LA Convolver using Menubus. The filters created with Accourate. I only play cd quality and resolution.
  • USB to Gustard X12 with digital coax to a 47Labs Shigaraki Dac
  • Amplifier Primare i30. The 47Labs Gaincard I also have (25W) is not able to play loud enough with a 4 Ohm speaker
  • Interconnects and speaker cables are 47Labs OTA, power cables and filter from Supra


The BBX unit is mounted with double sided foam tape to a steel plate screwed into the wall. The wall itself is made using concrete board instead of the normal plaster type. This was a chance I took, thinking a stiffer board would yield a quicker recovery when moved by the driver, and the sound I get proves this

Again – I am very happy with the sound. I think once you get use to this kind of bass sound and overall detail it will be hard to go back and listen to the regular driver based systems. The one improvement I am still looking for is eliminating this rare sharpness in the highs that sometimes is there.

I think the BBX system opens the door for many audiophiles to move the system into regular rooms. There might of course be some compromises, but at least for me it is very much worth it.


BBX Exciter product page

Goldys first performance

AER presented the world’s first transparent loudspeaker without cabinet at the High End Suisse 2016 in the Mövenpick Hotel, located in Zürich Regensdorf:

The Goldy

With its driver technology and design, the Goldy delivers a whole new loudspeaker dimension!

Our new AER bbx exciter provides musical vibration to the Goldy. Bass is transmitted via the 40 x 120cm panel that vibrates during operation. The tweeter is integrated at the front of the Exciter.

Goldy plays a clear and concise sound on a large stage. The image in the high-frequency range is detailed and transparent and the mid-range sound is spatial and precise. The visitors response was very positive. Comments like “Best Product”, “Innovation” or “Most puristic speakers in the whole world” did flatter the designers and justified all efforts beeing made.

Kurt Hecker from the High End Society and his wife were fascinated by the visual appearance and the accoustic possibilities of the bbx system, which has been demonstrated on windows, tables and other oscillating surfaces available in the room.

Many thanks to the High End trade fair organization, to our visitors and everybody else who made our showcase possible!

AER Goldy, bbx exciter on transparent acryl swinging surface 40 x 120 x 36cm, 120W, 8Ohm (incl. DAP, option: digital room correction)

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