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Two of a perfect pair

Experience perfect sound in a new dimension

The AEROFON is the masterful result of more than 40 years of painstaking research into the design and manufacture of loudspeakers employing full-range drivers and horn enclosures.

The developer of the sublime AER drivers, Filip Keller, is one of the foremost international manufacturers of full-range loudspeakers, whilst Markus Boldyreff is one of the leading developers of innovative horn cabinets. Both men are united as one, relentlessly travelling towards the limit of what is feasible through their unwavering pursuit of the optimum in sound reproduction.


The AEROFON econ – the entry-level model in the top-class

Despite its compact and lightweight construction, the unique sound guide distributes the sound optimally throughout the room while at the same time produces a powerful bass fundament.  The sublime AER BD E driver captivates the listener with its natural sound and brilliance.


The AEROFON essence – the top-class reference loudspeaker, with an identical cabinet to the econ but instead employing the peerless AER BD 5 driver.  Masterfully built like a musical instrument, this combination currently represents the limit of what is possible – dynamically and tonally almost indistinguishable from the natural sound, even with a large orchestra.



The AEROFON – a sound that lets you experience the soul of music more directly than ever before.

  • Innovative analogue horn loudspeaker without crossover
  • High efficiency: AEROFON econ with 102db /1w/1m – AEROFON essence with 116db /1w/1m
  • Ideally suited for operation with high-quality tube amplifiers
  • Uncritical in the lineup
  • High-quality tempered acrylic glass in white, black or special colours
  • 10 years warranty on speakers and drivers
  • For a perfect sound experience, we recommend high-quality tube amplifiers like those from W+B – Finest Tube Amplifiers
  • Optional upgrade of AEROFON econ to AEROFON essence


height 151 cm _ 59,45 Inch | width 34 cm _ 13,38 Inch | depth 41 cm _ 16,14 Inch

height 151 cm | width 34 cm | depth 41 cm

Weight: 25 kg per speaker

Frequency range: 35Hz-80kHz


Aerofon small -Essence- BD E

Optional upgrade  AEROFON Essence- BD 5


Aerofon small -Essence- BD 5

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aer bd 5

aerofon essence

aerofon essence

The Concept

Back-loaded horn with the innovative placement of the driver in the horn mouth, meaning that the driver is seated in the opening where the low frequencies are emitted so that the direct sound is carried by the bass waves.  The effect is significantly improved dispersion of the sound radiation resulting in more three-dimensional music reproduction, making it almost impossible to locate the loudspeaker as the source of the sound.  The music is spread clearly and evenly throughout the room. The optimized horn contour enables a low cut-off frequency of 35 Hz, rendering a subwoofer unnecessary.  Experimenting with many different materials and after conducting of countless listening tests led to the same conclusion and solution time after time: for this innovative loudspeaker construction, high-quality acrylic glass, which has been optimised for sound quality through tempering, is the ideal material.