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High End Suisse 2016

Goldys first performance

AER presented the world’s first transparent loudspeaker without cabinet at the High End Suisse 2016 in the Mövenpick Hotel, located in Zürich Regensdorf:

The Goldy

With its driver technology and design, the Goldy delivers a whole new loudspeaker dimension!

Our new AER bbx exciter provides musical vibration to the Goldy. Bass is transmitted via the 40 x 120cm panel that vibrates during operation. The tweeter is integrated at the front of the Exciter.

Goldy plays a clear and concise sound on a large stage. The image in the high-frequency range is detailed and transparent and the mid-range sound is spatial and precise. The visitors response was very positive. Comments like “Best Product”, “Innovation” or “Most puristic speakers in the whole world” did flatter the designers and justified all efforts beeing made.

Kurt Hecker from the High End Society and his wife were fascinated by the visual appearance and the accoustic possibilities of the bbx system, which has been demonstrated on windows, tables and other oscillating surfaces available in the room.

Many thanks to the High End trade fair organization, to our visitors and everybody else who made our showcase possible!

AER Goldy, bbx exciter on transparent acryl swinging surface 40 x 120 x 36cm, 120W, 8Ohm (incl. DAP, option: digital room correction)

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