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Ultimate Horn

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The Pnoe is a matchless back-loaded horn resulting from 10 years of development, a new full-range high-performance driver and a front-loaded excenter horn whose outstanding features are already known by the Jazz speaker.


The cutting-edge horn design of the Pnoe and the innovative fiberglass construction lend the speaker a depth and dynamics which are otherwise only known from particularly good bass systems.


The Pnoe is a class of its own, a broadband system making even bass fans forget the idea of completing the low frequency range. This makes it particularly interesting for the lovers of puristic and purely analog reproduction technology.


The Pnoe is manufactured  by Arcadian Audio

  • Analog reference speaker with impressive frequency range
  • Equipped with BD4 high-performance driver
  • High efficiency: 116db /1w/1m
  • Ideally suited for the operation with single-ended amps
  • Trouble-free positioning
  • Standard colors white or black
  • 10-year guarantee with optional upgrade service
  • For a perfect real-music experience, we recommend using Arte Electronics single-ended tube amps
  • Optional service: 10-year automatic upgrade for the BD4 high-performance driver at each further step of development

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Scope of delivery:

  • 2 x Pnoe speaker (standard colors white or black)
  • 2 x AER excenter horn
  • 2 x AER full-range BD4 high-performance driver
  • Operating instructions | Certificate of authenticity | Guarantee certificate


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The Concept

With the Pnoe, AER presents an uncompromising speaker fulfilling all criteria of a purely analog reference system. The big back-loaded horn with its innovative design, the new AER full-range BD 4 high-performance driver and the tried and tested front-loaded excenter horn create a speaker system whose performance leaves nothing to be desired.


After 10 years of development, the Arcadian Audio construction team succeeded in creating an exceptionally remarkable speaker, an almost perfect back-loaded horn. The uncompromising design and its realization are unique; they lend the box extraordinary depth and dynamics which can otherwise only be achieved with particularly good bass systems.


The massive bass seamlessly aligns with the medium frequency and treble range of the box, thus creating perfectly harmonious sound. With the Pnoe, even bass lovers will no longer need a low frequency range completion.


Both horns work without the disturbing standing waves and reflections which often occur with these constructions. In order to avoid flow resistance, the horn shape inside the fiberglass construction has a high-gloss finish as well. This lends the Pnoe a clear sound that is completely free of any horn-specific coloration of such speakers.

The Requirements

The Pnoe does not require special electronics and may generally be operated with any good transistor or tube amplifier. Apart from that, the speaker’s high impedance allows for the trouble-free handling of power amplifiers.


The Pnoe is virtually predestined to be operated with amplifiers that do not have high outputs (e.g. single-ended triodes). Thanks to its high efficiency and large frequency range, it is perfectly suited for the operation with puristic systems featuring purely analog reproduction technology.


The Pnoe is not very demanding when it comes to the surrounding. It can actually be placed in the corners of the living room without losing its outstanding soundstage.  However, its powerful bass may cause room modes, though these can be eliminated by means of simple measures.


2 x Pnoe speaker (standard colors white or black)

2 x AER excenter horn

2 x full-range speaker BD4 high-performance driver

Operating instructions | Certificate of authenticity | Guarantee certificate

  • Pnoe back-loaded horn with front-loaded AER excenter horn
  • AER full-range BD4 high-performance driver
  • Power: 100 W / 300 W
  • SPL: 116 db / W / m
  • Impedance: 6 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Connection: Pole terminals (Banana)
  • Dimensions: H 220 cm | W 100 cm | D 90 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg


Fiberglass construction in the standard colors white (ivory) or black (charcoal), high-gloss finish with transparent excenter horn.