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Open Baffle

Transparent Sound & Design

The Custom is a moulded Acryglass open baffle-board whose design reflects it’s transparent resonance. This loudspeaker sounds open, direct and breathtakingly dynamic. Tonally accurate and without exertion, the Custom perfectly recreates the performance on stage or orchestra pit.


Once heard, never forgotten! So it’s no wonder that more and more lovers of audiophile music reproduction won’t settle for anything other than an Open Baffle System. The elegance of principal and method of construction of the Custom baffleboard fulfills this expectation more than adequately.

  • Open Baffle Loudspeaker
  • Loaded with BD1 B full range driver
  • High efficiency 96db /1w /1m
  • Transparent acryglas enclosure
  • Suitable for use with single ended amps
  • 10 year guarantee

2x Custom loudspeakers (transparent acryl)


2x Custom loudspeakers + 1x Subway subwoofer (transparent acryl)


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Delivery Includes:

2x Custom loudspeaker

User Information, Certificate of authenticity, Gurantee certificate.


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The Concept

Open baffles have a great advantage over closed or vented enclosures, they don’t sound like a box! The sound is freely able to develop to the rear, the dynamics are increased, the sound is open and direct and the acoustic ambience is greatly improved. Unfortunately, a relatively large baffle-board is required to counter the effects of „short-circuit“ at the low end.
The Custom compensates this optical disadvantage with a construction of transparent Acrylglas, a material which also has excellent acoustic qualities. In combination with the AER wide-band Chassis BD1 B, we have created a very adaptable loudspeaker whose outstanding acoustic properties are enhanced by it’s transparency and unintrusive design.

The Requisite

The Custom makes no specific electronic demands and can be used with any good transistor or valve amplifier. Furthermore, its compatibility is increased by its high impedance. The Custom’s high efficiency enables application with lower powered amps including Single End Trioden valve amps. No special considerations regarding surroundings are necessary, except that as an Open-Baffle Loudspeaker, some space at the sides and to the rear is required.


For complete musical enjoyment, we recommend that our Custom is complemented by our Subway subwoofer.

The design and acoustic quality of our Subway produces the superlative combination.

Scope of delivery

2 x Custom speaker (transparent acrylic glass)

2 x AER Full Range BD1 B Chassis

Operating instructions | Certificate of authenticity | Guarantee certificate

  • Power: 100 W / 300 W
  • SPL: 96db / W / m
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 150 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Connection: Pole terminals (Banana)
  • Dimensions: H 109 cm | W 48 cm | D 18 cm
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Open baffle construction made of clear acrylic glass