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Since 1985

Made in Germany


AER chassis were used during the past 30 years in many well-known high-end systems. These include among others the legendary Audiovector, the Greek Arcadian Audio Pnoe Horn and the RL Acoustique Lamhorn.


Over decades of intensive research, our technology has reached a quite extraordinary level. The performance of the current products clearly shows this innovation from research and development.


The production of high-class speaker systems requires extreme precision in the manufacturing process. The quality and uniformity of our products has reached such a peak that it is no longer necessary to match drivers in pairs for high quality applications.


Only when a speaker can reproduce the pure sound, dynamics and rich detail of an instrument with all its overtones, can we relax to the fascination of music.

Real Music
Press Articles

A collection of press articles and a popular Youtube video from our stand at the Hifideluxe Munich 2016. Published by the AV Showrooms platform.


The speaker systems of AER are known for their high levels of clarity and dynamics. Music is reproduced realistically, it is alive and emotionally.