Upgrade and Repairing
Upgrade the BD driver on current version
BD driver upgrade

With this upgrade, your driver is brought to the current state of the BD range driver. Long year owners of AER full range drivers can benefit from the continuous development in recent years. Since parts such as basket and magnet are basically not aging, you will get not only get a good as new chassis, but also one that is at the cutting edge of the vibrating parts technology. At the end, the chassis runs through a procedure of a series of tests. After that, your speakers will play at a much higher level than before.


BD driver upgrade to current diaphragm version including all moving parts

EUR 1.404 € (incl. 19% EU-VAT.)

Repair of the beading
BD & MK driver refoaming

Refoaming is the exchange of the beading that connects the membrane and the basket with one another. Here, the chassis is dismantled, cleaned and examined for any errors. After installing the new beading, the speaker undergoes a final test. The beading is made of special foam that remains stable for 20-years. Nevertheless, it is subject, like all foams to an unstoppable chemical decomposition, which may be accelerated by environmental influences. You should replace any partial hardening of the beading, cracks or holes.

Repair membrane and beading
BD & MK Driver reconing

Reconing is the replacement of not only the membrane, but also the complete chassis. This means that the driver is completely dismantled, magnet and cast basket are cleaned, and all parts such as membrane, voice coil carrier, the coil and beading are replaced by new ones. In this version, the old chassis is replaced with the latest most modern chassis. It is thus restored to a new-like condition. Again, at the end the devise undergoes a series of detailed tests.

Benefit for AER clients
Sales advice, part exchange & repairs.

We are happy to advise you on the best driver for your system and which loudspeaker is the perfect match. For „DIY“ enthusiasts, we’ll help you to realise your concept and make the best possible use of AER products.


We’ll accept your present driver in part exchange to enable you as a loyal customer to benefit from AER upgrades or new BD drivers at an affordable price.


Of course we will also repair your AER driver, should it be necessary.

Unfortunately we cannot offer spare parts for sale, nor can we repair loudspeakers other than our own. We repair and service our products exclusively in the AER factory so as to guarantee our perfect quality standards.