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The AEROFON is the masterful result of more than 40 years of painstaking research into the design and manufacture of loudspeakers employing full-range drivers and horn enclosures. The developer of the sublime AER drivers, Filip Keller, is one of the foremost international manufacturers of full-range loudspeakers, whilst Markus Boldyreff is one of the leading developers of innovative horn cabinets. Both men are united as one, relentlessly travelling towards the limit of what is feasible through their unwavering pursuit of the optimum in sound reproduction.

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Open Baffle Horn with BD3B

The Excenter is a new horn speaker which not only looks unique, but sounds unique. The impressive power and intensity with which the large Excenterhorn reproduces music is reminiscent of the colossal sound of speakers with a large membrane area or large emitters, however, they far outnumber them. Playback is dynamic and detailed; instruments and voices are reproduced with remarkable finesse, plasticity and authenticity.

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Transparent bbx loudspeaker

The Goldy speaker combines unique design with advanced technology. Thus optically way less massive than big multi-way speakers, Goldy absolutely keeps up with these systems.


The new BBX-system’s innovative technology made this possible, for its kind of playback is an absolute novelty in the history of speaker systems. Goldy is the epilogue to upcoming BBX-based peakers.

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Ultimate horn

The Pnoe is an uncompromising speaker whose performance does not only inspire the friends of purely analog reproduction systems. The depth, dynamics and sonority of the back-loaded horn, the new BD 4 high-performance driver and the front-loaded excenter horn make this speaker a unique analog reference system converting the living space into a concert hall

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Reference horn

The Axjet is a speaker system with digital room correction, which sets completely new standards when playing music. With our currently developed high-performance driver BD 4, the innovative horn design with AX Afterburner and the DRC audio processor, this system is equipped with most advanced technology.

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Open Baffle

During the development of the Custom, the focus was on transparency. This applies to both its reproduction and design. Not only does it sound fantastic, but it also blends in perfectly with modern living room designs. The Custom delivers great sound, but keeps a low profile when it comes to its look, thus exactly conveying the idea of a contemporary open baffle speaker.

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Compact horn

The Jazz is a entry level broadband speaker in the AER horn based technology. It is equipped with excellent dynamics, subtle music playback and a superb room simulation. These tonal qualities make this speaker ideal for lovers of jazz and classical music.

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Compact subwoofer

The subwoofer Subway relieves the satellite system and provides a fuller and more dynamic sound experience. If you play him, you will experience a BassKick at the special class.

Yo! Bass, how deep can you go?


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Known for its extreme dynamics, high signal fidelity and broad frequency response, the full-range speaker of BD series are ideally suited for high-end applications. The highly realistic music reproduction of this driver is the result of advanced technology and the highest precision in manufacture.

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Audio in a new dimension

After years of research and development, we can now introduce the BBX technology a completely new Lausprechersystem. For the first time no large, space-intensive multi-component loudspeaker longer necessary for excellent audio playback of music in its full bandwidth.

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