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Full range driver BD 4

‘State of the art’ design, decades of research and technical perfection make the full range drivers of the BD series the first choice for high-end users and audiophiles. Each of these 8” drivers is manufactured with the highest precision and after completion undergoes a thorough visual, acoustic and metrological inspection. The sonic reproduction of this very high efficiency driver is extremely accurate, vivid and realistic. The BD4 can resolve even the quietest and most delicate sound details. Their detailed reproduction is not lost even at very high sound pressure levels. Overtones from playing instruments and vocals show their authentic personality. The powerful, transparent and warm bass response gives music the necessary volume and its own assertive realism. One of the features of the drivers in the BD series is  the treble response, reaching into the ultrasonic range. This extended treble gives them a nuanced and radiant character. This is unusual in full range driver technology and demonstrates that these units are able to convey even the shortest impulses. This, especially, has a positive effect on the transient parts of the music. In the real acoustic world, transients are sudden and impulsive processes. For example the plucking of a guitar string or the striking of a percussion instrument is such a transient action which then merges into the actual process of air vibration creating the wave-front which we hear. With the help of transients, our ears immediately recognise the nature of a sound and we can easily assimilate what we hear. If loudspeakers can reproduce fast pulse transients, then we can readily identify the natural sound of an instrument. We can then fully devote ourselves to the fascination of music because our brains are not constantly busy making corrections. The accurate playing of transients is not only important for relaxed listening but is also an essential part of realistic music reproduction. We can advise you on finding the correct driver and its optimal use. In our service area we offer download do-it-yourself plans for assembling the AER Acoustic. To get started  with the AER class, this download section is simplified by continuously complementing new self-building plans.